Wolfe Home

Wolfe Home is a Texas-Based Design Firm led by Kim Wolfe and her husband, Bryan.  

Both Kim and Bryan were raised in blue-collar, working-class families who lived by old-fashioned American values of working hard, choosing a good attitude and believing the best in others – rain or shine.  Their upbringings have formed them into the approachable, trustworthy and lovable duo that draws so many clients to hire them. 

In their work, Kim and Bryan see each project as an opportunity to create spaces as unique as the people who live there.  The owners, their treasures and the unique characteristics of each space give Kim inspiration to build her vision upon.  From there she focuses on the needs of each space for day-to-day living (not just the big reveal).  This balance results in spaces that are equally beautiful as they are bulletproof to real-life living that will happen there.

Kim believes in partnering with talented craftsmen and finding one-of-a-kind materials and pieces that bring character to make each space its own.  

From this love of treasure-hunting for herself and her clients, Kim has begun curating items in our very own Wolfe Home Shop with the hope of offering special touches that bring delight to everyday life.

About Us


As a "middle child" growing up in West Texas to a High School football coach and Artist, Kim has learned to channel the grit, resilience, and humor needed to thrive in her many roles.  

On the daily, you can find her knee-deep in a handful of design projects running faster than the rest of us could ever keep up with.  She is dynamic and magnetic and has that special-something we all see but just can’t put our finger on.  Her work speaks for itself, with acclaim from Southern Living, Lonny, HGTV and more – everything she touches turns to gold.

From her time on the 24th season of CBS’s Survivor (and winning!), to her return on the 40th season, Survivor: Winner at War, to renovating seven houses in 26 weeks for HGTV's Why The Heck Did I Buy This House?, Kim doesn’t back down from a challenge. Which is why fans couldn’t wait for her recent show to hit HGTV.  

In the off-season (aka real life), Kim and Bryan continue to run Wolfe Home tackling new and exciting projects that continue to give Kim opportunities to push creative boundaries and work with inspiring craftsmen and brands that help her write new life into tired or unwritten spaces. 


Bryan co-stars with Kim on their new HGTV show Why the Heck Did I Buy This House? 

Full of optimism, Bryan jumped in head-first, leaving a 15-year career in data and analytics to pursue life in the home remodeling space and grow their family business, Wolfe Home.  Since narrowly avoiding a divorce on their first home renovation in 2014, Bryan and Kim have steadily improved their trade, renovating homes across San Antonio.  

In 2021, Bryan’s management skills were put to the test as Bryan helped oversee seven renovation projects in less than 26 weeks while filming Season #1 of their new show.  Bryan wears many hats at Wolfe Home (as most small business owners do); he is CFO, bookkeeper, tech support, admin, handyman and fill-in for just about anything the business needs.  Bryan believes in failing fast to get better and puts on a can-do attitude in any situation he’s in.